CDC reviewing ‘stunning’ universal testing results from Boston homeless shelter


ボストン— Centers for Disease Control and Preventionは現在、Pine Street InnホームレスシェルターでのユニバーサルCOVID-19テストの結果を「積極的に調査」しています



「それはダブルノックアウトパンチのようなものでした。陽性の数は衝撃的なされましたが、陽性の100%が無症状を持っていないという事実が均等に衝撃を与えた、」博士ジム・オコネル、社長の言ったホームレスプログラムのボストンのヘルスケア市の避難所で医療を提供し、 。




Boston 25 News

BOSTON — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now “actively looking into” results from universal COVID-19 testing at Pine Street Inn homeless shelter.

The broad-scale testing took place at the shelter in Boston’s South End a week and a half ago because of a small cluster of cases there.

Of the 397 people tested, 146 people tested positive. Not a single one had any symptoms.Content Continues Below

“It was like a double knockout punch. The number of positives was shocking, but the fact that 100 percent of the positives had no symptoms was equally shocking,” said Dr. Jim O’Connell, president of Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, which provides medical care at the city’s shelters.

O’Connell said that the findings have changed the future of COVID-19 screenings at Boston’s homeless shelters.

Experts: Homeless population vulnerable to coronavirus ]

“All the screening we were doing before this was based on whether you had a fever above 100.4 and whether you had symptoms,” said O’Connell. “How much of the COVID virus is being passed by people who don’t even know they have it?”

The 146 people who tested positive were immediately moved to two different temporary isolation facilities in Boston. According to O’Connell, only one of those patients needed hospital care, and many continue to show no symptoms.



Once upon a time, a virus called SARS-CoV-2 was infected and exploded.


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